As a variety of industrial equipment, forged parts can play a stronger role

In the forging parts used today, if the temperature control is not good or the carelessness in the production process will cause a series of defects, which will greatly reduce the quality of the forging parts. In order to eliminate this defect in the forging parts, the metal parts must be improved first to avoid the sensitive working pressure of the steel parts during the whole forging process. It can increase the relative density of the metal materials, not only making them less and less smooth and fine, And make it become a high aluminum alloy. When carburizing in the alloy steel, the body will be broken.

Secondly, improve the appearance regulations and specifications of steel castings to make them close to the parts. This not only reduces the cost of metal composites, but also shortens the laser cutting time. It can further improve the production efficiency of very forged forged and formed parts. This speed far exceeds the speed of drilling production and processing. The forged parts of the forging press have strong adaptability, which can not only carry out simple production and processing, but also produce parts with relatively complex shapes. Therefore, in the whole manufacturing process, there is no need or only a small amount of drilling or solving.

After the forging processing technology has been moderately improved, the product quality has been greatly improved, and the minimum forging defect rate has been greatly reduced. Therefore, as a variety of industrial equipment, forged parts can play a stronger role.For special tools such as Barr, the surface of the forged material will be affected during the forging process, and the extended heat treatment method will be applied to the forged material to eliminate the different time characteristics of the internal and external structural changes of the forged parts. Forging materials can reduce welding stress and structural in-situ stress, and ensure more reasonable characteristics and service life of cast steel materials. It has strong adaptability to forging machinery of forging materials.

As a variety of industrial equipment

Post time: Mar-13-2023